The Electromotive Laboratories Satellite is a loudspeaker specifically designed for surround applications.


Available in master and slave configurations, the master unit is self powered with on-board DSP processing and AES digital input. The slave unit is designed to be controlled by the master and has no internal crossover system. For normal multi-speaker surround arrays a combination of master and slave units is a cost effective solution.


The Electromotive Laboratories Satellite was initially designed as an immersive surround element. The unique requirements of immersive sound which require each loudspeaker to cover an entire auditorium demand a very wide angle loudspeaker. The unique high frequency solution of a high power, high efficiency compression motor on a high diffraction termination allows the Satellite to cover up to 160 degree in all directions from a single point source.


The Electromotive Laboratories Satellite is exceptionally high output for its small size, use of high efficiency drive units with 400 watts per loudspeaker of amplification power enables the satellite to deliver adequate sound to relatively large rooms.


In single speaker immersive surround use the Satellite is recommended to be used no lower than 80Hz in conjunction with a bass management system. In conventional surround array applications adequate response to 50Hz is easily achieved.


The Electromotive Laboratories Satellite is also useful as a playback / talkback loudspeaker in recording studio performance spaces, along with many other high quality peripheral loudspeaker applications.

Electromotive Laboratories

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