The Model Five is an absolutely no compromise premium large scale studio monitor loudspeaker. No aspect of the system has been compromised in any way, this is a system designed to be as close to acoustic perfection as possible. The Model Five is a two-way active high-resolution DSP controlled state-of-the-art studio monitor loudspeaker. The Model Five remains a simple two-way active design because every crossover point in any system is a source of problems and the fewer crossover points a system has the closer to a perfect point source it can be.

Careful choice of some of the best possible available drive units which exhibit extraordinary wide accurate working bandwidths without compromising quality has enabled us to deliver the best possible two-way solution. With a very usable frequency response that covers more than the human hearing range the Model Five has unparalleled bandwidth for such a high definition two-way loudspeaker. The Model 5 has more than adequate output to deliver the highest required levels in cinema dubbing theatres at listening distances of up to 10m away, yet all the precision and delicate detail to produce the best possible sound in the most critical of mixing and mastering suites.

When the Model 5 is coupled with the matching high-power Model 10 bass extension system that takes the system well into infrasonic reproduction in the correct large scale application, the system output capacity increases to take undistorted crystal clear sound well beyond any level that any listener could sensibly require, the bass extended Model Five system is more than adequate for any music control room of any size. When operated at sensible comfortable levels the Model Five can deliver incredible transient headroom while rendering the most delicate of detail perfectly to the most critical of listener.

The Electromotive Laboratories Model Five is a fully configured DSP controlled active studio monitor system. It comes with a fully configured High sample rate, high bit rate networkable DSP control system which has various options of analogue and digital inputs. The system is powered by the highest quality amplification system and with the premium package has full on-site system tuning by our expert team.

The Electromotive Laboratories Model Five has been developed over 30 years of constant evolution by out expert team, vast amounts of R&D have been carried out in the field under professional studio use where incremental developments have been studied and analysed. Vast amounts of professional feedback and requests have been processed and use of the latest technologies in system analysis and processing ensure that the Electromotive Laboratories Model Five uses the most advanced techniques while not losing sight of the essential basic principles of acoustic theory. In many ways, the biggest achievement in the R&D project has been in keeping the right things simple while applying the latest knowledge and practices to produce a truly advanced monitoring system.



Loudspeaker type;



Frequency response;

Maximum output;





Power requirements;




Large scale Main Studio Monitor with 15-inch woofer

and1 inch beryllium diaphragm compression driver.


Beyond normal human hearing ability +/-2dB.

Adequate for recording studio use.

Situation dependent.

Separate Electromotive EMP PWM power units

including high resolution DSP.

XLR – Analogue and AES Digital.

110v or 220v (nominal) Factory set.

100cm x 44cm x 64cm.

The Electromotive Laboratories Model 5 is a part of the Electromotive Infrasound range of infrasonic loudspeakers

When used in the correct acoustic environment program material in the infrasonic range is clearly reproduced.

Electromotive Laboratories

A Division of Newell Acoustic Engineering

Funchalinho, Caparica, Portugal