The Model Three is a no compromise high definition mid-field studio monitor system for use as a main monitor system in small-to-medium recording studio control rooms, or as a behind-the-console mid-filed system in larger applications. Ideal applications include mastering suites, mix rooms, writing studios and all applications where very high output level monitoring is not required. The Model Three is a full range loudspeaker capable of delivering full bandwidth audio from 20Hz to 20kHz with effortless ease and clarity

Years of system design experience and knowledge has gone into developing the Model Three. The high frequency system is an adaptation of the larger format system known as the Holland / Newell AX2 horn which was developed over many years in the laboratories of Southampton University during the 1980’s. The Model 3 HF is officially known as the AX3 and has proven to exhibit the same excellent neutral high definition acoustic properties of its larger predecessor. The low frequency section consists of a high excursion low resonance loudspeaker driver in a carefully tuned cabinet which allows the extension of low frequency output to as low as 20Hz in an adequate room without compromise or undesired resonances.

The Electromotive Laboratories Model Three is designed as a superbly accurate high definition studio monitoring system. Great care has been taken to ensure an accurate time response, exceptional system headroom, and tight accurate low frequency reproduction, free from common system resonances and complex electrical filtering. With an adequate system output of 110dB per pair at 2m the Model Three is more than capable of generating concert levels in small to medium sized rooms without any signs of distortion or stress. The 10 inch, long throw, high efficiency low resonance bass driver is coupled with a 110-litre tuned enclosure to allow optimum low frequency reproduction from a technically correct system design. No electronic enhancement, excursion limiting, or excessive tuning is used to achieve the impressive low frequency output.

The Electromotive Laboratories Model Three is a self-powered digitally controlled fully Class D amplified system. It features on-board DSP control using in-house custom designed super-high-order filters for minimum band overlap, highly accurate time domain response, and individual driver response tuning All models feature analogue and AES digital input. Each individual unit is carefully tuned in our lab to ensure ultimate consistency and performance.


The Model Three, delivering truly accurate detailed sound from a remarkably compact package with zero compromise on quality.


Loudspeaker type;



Frequency response;

Maximum output;



Power requirements;




Mid-Field Monitor with10-inch woofer and 1inch

ketone polymer diaphragm compression driver.


15Hz to 20,000Hz. Room dependent.

110dB (Pair at 2m). Measured.

PWM, on-board DSP 400 watts.

XLR – Analogue and AES Digital.

110v or 220v (nominal) Factory set.

70cm x 36cm x 60cm.


The Electromotive Laboratories Model 3 is a part of the Electromotive Infrasound range of infrasonic loudspeakers

When used in the correct acoustic environment program material in the infrasonic range is clearly reproduced.

Electromotive Laboratories

A Division of Newell Acoustic Engineering

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