The Model Two is an exceptionally accurate high definition loudspeaker system for use in applications where the ultimate in detail is essential. Designed from the ground up as a monitoring loudspeaker system capable of delivering the resolution and detail of our premium large-scale systems in a package more suitable for more everyday applications where the output capabilities of the larger systems are not required. Such applications may include critical editing suites, mastering suites, mobile recording, audio restoration and any other application where high output is not required.

The Model Two is a full range loudspeaker system capable of delivering an exceptional 25Hz to 20kHz bandwidth with effortless ease equalling the frequency balance of even the largest of systems. You need not compromise in bandwidth just because you need a smaller loudspeaker. Years of system design experience and knowledge has gone into developing the Model Two. The high frequency system is an approved adaptation of a larger format system known as the Holland / Newell AX2 horn which was developed in the laboratories of the ISVR, Southampton University during the 1980’s, it is officially known as the AX3 and has proven to exhibit the same excellent neutral high definition acoustic properties of its older sibling. The low frequency section consists of a high excursion low resonance loudspeaker driver in a carefully tuned cabinet, which allows the extension of low frequency output to as low as 25Hz without compromise or undesired resonances.

As we at Electromotive Laboratories like to rely on good engineering practice and respect the laws of acoustics we do not resort to tuning methods that falsely enhance the headline output performance of the loudspeaker, such methods often led to serious damage of the time response of systems, excessive equalisation and tuning push drivers beyond their natural abilities and usually result in resonant systems that by definition, mask the original audio signal with their resonances. For this reason, the Electromotive Laboratories Model Two does nothing more than the components naturally can and is defined as a Low Output System, with a measured useable maximum output of 100dB at a 2m listening position for a stereo pair we chose not to rely on filters and excursion limiters to give the systems headline output levels that most users will never require. At 100dB It is only by deciding that this loudspeaker system will not be a high output system that we have managed to create an exceptionally clean, accurate, flat and transparent loudspeaker that can deliver the highest quality output from a remarkably compact footprint.

The Electromotive Laboratories Model Two is a self-powered digitally controlled fully Class D amplified system. It features on-board DSP control using custom designed super high order filters for minimum band overlap, highly accurate time domain correction and individual driver response tuning, all models feature a choice of analogue or direct AES digital input each unit is carefully tuned in our lab to ensure ultimate consistency and performance.

The Model Two, delivering truly accurate detailed sound from a remarkably compact package with zero compromise on quality.





Loudspeaker type;




Frequency response;

Maximum output;



Power requirements;






Quality Control Monitor with 8-inch woofer and

1inch ketone polymer diaphragm compression



25Hz to 20,000Hz, +0 -6db. Room dependent.

100dB (Pair at 2m). Measured.

PWM, on-board DSP, 400 watts.

XLR – Analogue and AES Digital.

110v or 220v (nominal) Factory set.

60cm x 34cm x 57cm.



Electromotive Laboratories

A Division of Newell Acoustic Engineering

Funchalinho, Caparica, Portugal