The Electromotive Powerpack comes in two models, the master unit which carries a high resolution signal processor with a leading edge PWM asymmetric amplification system and the slave unit which is in all ways the same except for the processing.


The EMP range of power packs are specially tailored to the needs of the large scale Electromotive Laboratories Infrasound series of loudspeakers. Each frequency band's drive unit is specially matched to the optimum size and type of amplifier. Amplifier gain and sensitivity is optimised to provide maximum performance with lowest residual noise. The EMP unit offers impressive noise and distortion figures, far better than many high end amplifiers.


The EMP has been designed for use with systems in medium sized acoustically treated critical listening rooms. Its design incorporates the highest quality modern amplification technology that provides a solid, consistent, low impedence source to drive the loudspeakers in the most optimum manner.


The nature of the efficiency and precision of the Electromotive Laboratories AX2 High frequency units requires an exceptionally silent, clean, and precise amplifier. With up to 20dB higher sensitivity than less capable soft dome devices it is important that background noise is kept to a minimum in the drive electronics. The EMP is specially engineered to achive this in all circumstances.

The EMP master unit contains an embedded version of one of the industry's finest, most capable, high resolution DSP processors. The DSP processor is adressable over a network data connection to allow for easy, optimum, system installation and commissioning. Multiple EMP master units can be networked together to create large and complex multi-channel surround and immersive audio formats.


The DSP controller contains the results of many years of field tested R&D work that we have been carrying out on DSP controlled monitor test-beds over the last seven years. We have many fully functioning systems achieving spectacular results in professional critical listening situations around the world.


Coupled with our own time domain processing, inverse response modelled amplitude correction, super-high-order crossovers, which reduce to a minimum inter-transducer interference, and individual factory hand tuning of every system, the EMP provides the perfect drive for the system it is tailored for.


Each EMP can be configured with multiple performance settings. Not only does a system come with standard settings for free standing and in-wall use, but with our premium on-site commissioning each end user can have custom precision tuned balances for the actual room the systems are set in.


When in film post production environments, these settings can include settings to SMPTE ST 202: 2010 as well as other settings for TV production.


In music environments we have many systems with user selectable temporary listening enhanced balances designed to replicate end user situations, all the while the system will default to an accurate flat response for production and critical listening. With our premium package you can have our systems tuned by us in your room to ensure the best possible loudspeaker-room interface, and be sure you have optimum performance tailored specifically for the way you work.


All settings are pre-programmed, non user adjustable, so you have total peace of mind that the system is performing as a reference standard, not running in some user adjusted unclaibrated mode. No passing client can alter or remove your precious reference settings.

Baseline technical parameters




Input Voltage

AC power requirements

Amplifier type

Power output

Frequency response






270x 270 x 160 mm


220 – 240 V AC or 110 to 120 V AC internally pre-set

0.5KW Max

2 x high quality studio grade PWM power converters

Adequate to drive all Electromotive Laboratories loudspeakers

DC to 50,000 Hz (power section)

(EMP Master only)  24-bit 96K high resolution high quality DAC DSP

Custom algorithm.

Powercon AC power, XLR Audio, Neutrik NL8 Speaker and control link.

The Electromotive Laboratories EMP is a part of the Electromotive Infrasound range of infrasonic loudspeakers

When used in the correct acoustic environment program material in the infrasonic range is clearly reproduced.

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