We can currently be contacted via e-mail at info@electromotive-laboratories.com for any enquiries, orders, or information.


We will shortly announce further localised sales outlets.

Electromotive Laboratories as a division of Newell Acoustic engineering has been building, designing, installing, and commissioning professional recording studio monitoring systems professionally since 1985, for many customers and on behalf of many other operations.


Electromotive Laboratories systems are all designed by loudspeaker system and acoustics engineer Joules Newell. Our systems are a development on work Joules has done based on the designs of Philip Newell and Dr Keith Holland over the last 30 years in professional recording studios and film studios around the globe.


Over the last 10 years we have been doing endless field testing and lab work with DSP based critical listening systems, slowly migrating our previous work onto the new DSP platform that is the foundation of all Electromotive Laboratories studio monitoring loudspeaker systems.


The Electromotive Laboratories brand is the platform for the results of all of our last decade of intense development work on high quality critical listening DSP based systems.

We have well over 5 years of functioning, tested, development products out in the field globally, all working perfectly at the highest professional levels. Many successful and acclaimed works have been completed on these systems with all kinds of content from movie soundtracks, Foleys, music recordings, broadcast and many other things we don’t even know of. Customer feedback has been an essential part of our development process and we have been constantly in touch with our customers refining the product over this time.


Currently, all Electromotive Laboratories systems are expertly hand crafted in our own workshops and each item is carefully tested over days before being released and passed fit for use.


Every single Loudspeaker is individually tuned to our reference standards, we don’t do grading or pairing of like sounding, but different, units, every unit is tuned to our exacting standards and any component that cannot be delicately tuned to this standard is rejected.



All of our professional range of loudspeakers are assembled to order, calibrated, and quality checked at the time of delivery.


All payment terms are a non-refundable payment of 50% to confirm the order and to start production, then the remaining 50% to release the product for delivery.


Build times can be up to 28 days on larger items and typically 14 days on the smaller items depending upon component stock and suppliers.

Bigger orders (more than 10 premium items) can take longer and we advise you to contact us as soon as possible in a project to ensure the product will be delivered on time.


All sales ordered directly are ex-works, or, from the factory door, Shipping, insurance of that shipping, and customs processing is the responsibility of the customer as this ensures that the customer has the speed and security of service they require.


Packing crates and specialist shipping hardware are not included in the sales price but can be provided, and indeed are recommended.


All items are tested documented and photographed prior to shipping.

Electromotive Laboratories

A Division of Newell Acoustic Engineering

Funchalinho, Caparica, Portugal